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Groton School Facilities Initiative Task Force

School Facilities Initiative Task Force Summary

The School Facilities Initiative Task Force was established by the Town Council in January, 2013 to “address elementary and middle school redistricting and provide recommendations for the design of a school system that reflects the system's long-term vision, and takes into consideration educational programs, budgets, facilities, and demographic changes.”  The Task Force is charged with issuing a report of its findings to the Town Council upon completion of the long-range facility plan.

The 19-member Task Force consists of representatives from the Town Council, Representative Town Meeting, Board of Education, Permanent School Building Committee, Planning Commission, Groton Public Schools’ administration and teachers, and citizens at large.  The Mayor and Chair of the Board of Education are ex-officio members of the Task Force, which is staffed by the Town Manager, Director of Public Works, Director of Planning and Development, Superintendent of Schools, and Groton Public Schools’ Director of Building and Grounds.

With the assistance of consultants from Milone & MacBroom, Inc., the Task Force has diligently undertaken its tasks, pausing for an interval in early 2014 to allow the Board of Education the opportunity to develop and/or review educational specifications for the elementary and middle school grade levels.  The group has come up with a proposed plan of action for two elementary schools and one combined middle school.  This school plan is in the final stages of review.  Once the task force finalizes their plans, a recommendation for action will be made to the Town Council. 

Current members of the Task Force are:

Andrea Ackerman (Board of Education)
Jean Claude Ambroise (RTM)
Robert Beaulieu Jr. (Teacher)
Holly Bresnahan (Citizen at Large)
Karen Bryer (School Administrator)
Jane Dauphinais (Town Council Representative)
Joe de la Cruz (Town Council)
Enrico DeMatto (Permanent School Building Committee)
Kevin Fiftal (Citizen at Large)
Katrina Fitzgerald (Board of Education)
Wes Greenleaf (Citizen at Large)
Jon Heller (Citizen at Large)
Andrew Ilvento (Teacher)
Craig Koehler (Citizen at Large)
Jackie Massett (Citizen at Large)
Heather Somers (Citizen at Large)
Kevin Trejo (Citizen at Large)
Hal Zod (Planning Commission)

Agendasminutes, and handouts from the Task Force’s meetings can be accessed from the Town’s web site or by clicking any of those items above.

Questions about the School Facilities Initiative Task Force can be directed to the Town Manager’s Office at 860-441-6630.