Volunteering at school is SO very important! Not only does it help out our hardworking teachers and staff and provide additional fun opportunities for our kids, it also shows our children that we care and that we feel school is important!
    School Activities - These activities are ongoing and continue throughout the school year! Volunteers are needed right away to get this program moving!
           Classroom Work - Help out teachers in the classroom in a variety of different ways.
           Sign Lettering - Change the message on our big street sign on a weekly/monthly basis.
           Birthday Bulletin Board - Create a bulletin board every other month to celebrate our students' birthdays.
           Library Helpers - Help Mrs. Sheehan keep our library running smoothly!
           Making Copies - Make copies in the staff room for teachers and PTO.
    PTO Activities - These activities can be done all year long, or you can choose various parts to help with. (For example, instead of helping with EVERY fundraiser, maybe you can just help organize, assemble, and distribute Grams!)
             Activities Committee Chair and members - Plan and run Family Fun Nights!
          Fundraising Committe members - Put together great fundraisers so the PTO can continue the great work at Mary Morrisson that we are known for!
          Yearbook Committee Chair and members - Help take pictures, design pages, and distribute this amazing keepsake!
          Boxtops Helpers - Help gather, clip, and count Boxtops, Tyson A+, and Campbell's labels.
    Please make the commitment!
    • Complete the Volunteer Application and return it to school.
    • Check out the Tiger Team blog for current volunteer opportunities.
    • Keep a look out in "A Stitch in Time" (your monthly PTO newsletter) for more ways to help out.
    • Sign up!  Show up! Make a difference!


    Get started volunteering at Mary Morrisson TODAY!


    Contact your Community Coordinator, Mrs. Mullins
    Email: kminer@groton.k12.ct.us
    Phone: 860-449-5655