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    Mrs. Esposito - Health
    Welcome to CKMS Physical Education!
     “Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” ~John F. Kennedy
    The goal of Physical Education at CKMS is to provide the knowledge, skills, and opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment to allow each student to discover the value of movement, cooperation, teamwork, healthy competition, wellness, and responsibility to themselves and others that can be applied over a lifetime. Every student, regardless of athletic or physical ability, will receive the opportunity to participate and succeed in Physical Education at CKMS!
    All Kindergarten-5th grade classes meet once a week for 40 minutes and Pre-Kindergarten classes meet once a week for 20 minutes. Within those 20-40 minutes we cover everything from basic skills to advanced concepts. Through play, the students at CKMS engage safely in a positive environment while learning how to communicate, collaborate, and encourage their classmates. We learn the importance of sharing, cooperating, and building confidence as well as understanding how to demonstrate good sportsmanship and be a great team player.

    Together we'll achieve personal success and have fun while we're at it!