• Howdy!

    Clare DePeter Powers, "Ms. De P"
    Special Education, Grade 7, Team C
                                        Grade 8 Team E


    Welcome Back to CMS.   After a great summer off we are back!  This year we will be starting off resource working on organization skills and editing and revising as we move through unit on poetry.  Building these skills will help us work on projects and assessments in the general education setting. 
    Students are expected to complete daily homework at home.  Resource will be used to work on a review of information, organizatoin of projects, and learning study skills.  We will not be completing this work during resource.  Students should check in if they are struggling or need support to complete work. 
    Check each teacher's webpage, or team page to determine what the nightly homework is.  If you need help in this feel free to contact me at any time.