Last Chance!  If you did not buy a yearbook yet, there's still a chance to do so.  There will be extra yearbooks on sale Friday, June 22nd in Ms. Courtright's office.  Please bring in a check for $23 made out to Cutler Middle School on that day.
    Yearbook Committee
    Co-Advisors: Ms. Carsillo & Mrs. Courtright
    The Yearbook Committe is comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in the creation of the school's yearbook. Students have various roles and responsiblities in the overall  development of the final project. The Yearbook will showcase the clubs, activiites, and events that go on throughout the school year. The yearbook captures all the highlights of the student body and the overall school community in action and it serves as a nice memento for students to look back on once they have moved on after middle school.