• Early childhood education is the foundation for lifelong success for all students.  Groton Public Schools' offers a variety of opportunities for preschool aged children (ages 3-4) and a very comprehensive full-day Kindergarten program (5 year olds.) As a participant in the State of Connecticut's School Readiness Grant Program, Groton also provides additional opportunities for preschoolers and Kindergarten transition activities for in-coming students.
    In addition, Groton Public Schools is an active member of Children First Groton, a local early childhood collaborative working to improve improve the social, emotional, and academic performance of children birth through eight.
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    Early Childhood Contacts:
    School Readiness Liaison/Grant Facilitator
    Supervisor, Integrated Preschool Program
    Groton Children's First & School Readiness Liasion
     ***If you would like to set up a preschool/prekindergarten screening appointment for the 2017-2018 school year, please call 860-572-2100.