September  2017

                         Health and Physical Education

    Students should try to  wear rubber soled shoes to PE class. Weather permitting we will go outside. 
    A water bottle, sun hat and jacket are always welcomed.
    Fourth graders will be doing their State Testing for Physical Fitness starting the end of Sept. through the second week of November.The elements are the Mile Run for endurance, Curl ups and Pushups for muscular strength, and  Flexibility. Students are enthusiastic. The state test is based on National Standards.  For more information on the testing - Here are links to the State Board of Education.
    Jump Rope For Heart 2017!!!
    The School wide Jump Rope for Heart Kick off Assembly on April 25th was a huge success and a lot of fun! During the Assembly students viewed a video created by students with heart facts and skills; the coordinator for the Red Cross spoke and students  happily demonstrated their hula hooping, skip it and jump roping techniques (pairs, group and individual skills) for the school.  For the finale the band played while students enthusiastically jumped rope. The Jump Rope for Heart  Initiative is a great way to partner with the community and connect learning.
    Students will be learning and reviewing the Heart and important fun facts this month. Fundraising for the Heart Association will continue until May 2nd. 2017
    Students may Fund Raise by using their brochure sent home on April 7th or by going online to heart.org/jump and joining the Charles Barnum Team. More photos as well as the JRFH student video will be posted soon.   Check back!!!!
    Jump Rope for Heart Video Jump Rope for Heart Video 2017
    JRFH Up Date: Our school raised 1,168.50. for JRFH. Special thanks to Savannah Vansant, Brooklyn, Lillian and Madeline Daniels, Cole Briggs and Harmonie Nigro for their excellent efforts.  On behalf of the American Red Cross thank you to all the boys and girls for their fundraising efforts.  It is greatly appreciated!!!
    Field Day 2017
    Thank you  to all our students, staff, volunteers (from the SubBase and Coast Guard), parents and guardians   for an excellent, fun, cooperative, wonderful day.  Enjoy the video!   Field Day 2017 video
    Overview of Physical Education Class 
    Physical Education is an important aspect of wellness.  Physical Education at the elementary level is structured to provide students with an opportunity to acquire not only physical skills which involve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination but also social skills of cooperation, respect, and responsibility. 
    The PE curriculum is balanced to include sports skills, cooperative games and individual as well as team activities. 
    Students will also be exposed to higher level thinking as connections across the curriculums will be made. 
    Science and Health: 
    How does the Human Body benefit from exercise?
    Social Studies:            
    How do children of other cultures exercise?
    Can being fit improve an individual's health?
    How can we create a healthy school? 
    How can we create a healthy state?
    How can we create a healthy nation?  
    Language Arts:  
    Students in higher grades will keep a journal.
    What is the pattern?
    Can you make a prediction?
    Which has more or less?
    Counting activities through Physical Education games and activities.
    Speed, force, work, calorie, direction, distance  
    Students will view and create video projects. 
    Here is a look back at some events from last year. To see even more pictures etc. check out the menu on the left  
    Jump Rope for Heart 2016!!!
    Lilia Jones Highest Fundraiser Mrs. Trimarchi's Class   
    This year our school raised $992.00.  Congratulations to the following classes who all brought in over 100.00. Mrs. Anderson's class, Mrs McDuffee, Mrs. Farquhar's class and Mrs. Trimarchi's class.  Congratulations to Lilia Jones of Mrs. Trimarchi's class who raised $131.00 and was the highest fundraiser. JRFH is an excellent activity which reinforces and connects learning. Ex: Heart Health, wellness, lifetime fitness, advocacy and community partnerships. Thank you again!
    See Gallery Menu for pictures of this Year's JRFH kick off assembly and class pictures. 
    Field Day was a Blast! 
    Thank you to the Sub base volunteers, parents and staff for your enthusiasm, cooperation and support!
    A great community/parent/school partnership day that reinforces cooperation, respect, sportsmanship and curriculum concepts! Thank you again!  
    See Gallery for more photos!
    Cooperative game. Word Relay  Potato Sack splash sponge relay
    How big is it?
    What is the Heart's main job?
    Why does it beat at different rates of speed?
    Why is blood important?
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