• The mission at Robert E. Fitch High School is to educate our students to become outstanding citizens equipped with 21st century learning skills.  The faculty and staff collaborate with home and community to promote academic excellence, personal wellness, and social awareness in many ways.


    To help further this mission, Groton has joined the National Network of Partnership Schools Program of Johns Hopkins University to create a partnership between schools, parents and the community to promote student success and to create a welcoming climate.  Mike Porter (PE/Health) and Maggie Courter (Special Education) are the faculty representatives at Fitch High School.


    Please know that your volunteer contributions have in the past - and will in the future - continue to enhance the curriculum, make the learning process more meaningful and enhance our positive school, family, and community partnerships and we thank you for that.


    The countless hours the parents and other family members have donated this past year of chaperoning exuberant dances, coaching committed sports teams, carpooling boisterous teens, cooking quality food,  organizing worth while programs and many more hours too numerous to list are so very appreciated.


    Sign up! Make a difference!

    Volunteering at school is a way to show our studentsthat we care and that we feel school is important.


    If you are interested in volunteering your skills,talents, and expertise, please call Fitch High School(860-449-7200) or email me at Paula_Caligiuri@comcast.net.


    Mike Porter, PE/Health     Maggie Courter, Special Education

    Community Coordinator:  Paula Caligiuri