¡Bienvenidos al rinconcito Español de la Sra. Morales!
    Sra. Morales
    Español K-12
    IB Spanish B language Certified
    Correo electrónico/Email: imorales@groton.k12.ct.us



    World Language Mission Statement

    The mission of the World Language Program is to prepare students for 21st century competition and cross-cultural collaboration in a multilingual and increasingly diverse international workplace.



     This year all of my homework will be posted in Schoology (https://groton.schoology.com/home​)  for students and parents to see!
    ¡Bienvenidos a un nuevo año escolar! Estoy muy entusiasmada de empezar un  nuevo año escolar y conocer todas las caras nuevas. In a language class I recommend that my students review at least 20-30 minutes a day. One fun way of studying  is through the computer. There is a website called conjuguemos.com that allows students to practice and review anything from vocabulary to verb conjugations according to the chapter they are studying in the book.  There are many other websites your child can go to in order to review and practice for class, such as http://www.quia.com, http://quizlet.com, https://app.schoology.com, once every student has an account in schoology there will be a link from my GPS Fitch webpage to it for students to be able to access work.  There is also the textbook website http://my.hrw.com, which is extremely helpful if the student forgets his/her book at school.   Even when there's no homework your child's responsibility is to review the vocabulary and verb conjugation and what better way to do it at home than by using the websites!
    I hope your daughter and or son enjoys Spanish class this year,  I know I will!
    Assignments, projects and class updates are available on the left hand side of my website, just click on your class!