Conjugation practice for all levels of French. Practice tenses and moods! There are basic vocabulary exercises appropriate for beginning levels. Other exercises and practice quizzes can be searched & selected by textbook for "Discovering French" Levels 1,2,3.
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is the official " Discovering French " textbook series site. Choose your book for French I (BLEU), French II (BLANC), French III (ROUGE).
    Use practice quizzes & flashcards(audio + visual) for each Unit and lesson. There is also an online workbook that I recommend students use at the "challenge" level of difficulty. The composition tab gives practice for essay writing found on assessments. Excellent & focused extra practice and review.
    Practice exercises can be searched & selected by textbook title, level of study (Levels 1,2,3,4, AP, IB), vocabulary theme or grammar concept. Many exercises correspond to specific textbook lessons and unit reviews for the "Discovering French" series and for final exam preparation for AP or IB courses. Activities include "Rags to Riches", Jeopardy, hangman, matching, practice quizzes and tests. Have FUN with French!
    Practice not only World Language skills but many other subject matters. Compete with players from other schools. Search & select by vocabulary theme, level of study or grammar concept. IB students will be asked to become a member of a quizlet study group in order to practice thematic vocabulary and grammar structures that are key for thIB exams. 
     Explore the world EN FRANCAIS...learn at your own pace with video, music, television and a wealth of interactive content. For all levels.