Name: Mrs. LaPietra
    Subject: Biology
    Key Club Advisor
    Room 3214
    Please see groton.schoology.com for more information.
    Mrs. LaPietra 
    Biology is the study of life!!  Look how cool life can be....
    RI Dive Urchin
     Grading Policy and Expectations:


    • No cell phones

    • No hats

    • No bad language (this can result in a detention)


    • Be on time to class:  Too many tardies and you lose credit!!!

    • Respect everyone

    • Do not disrupt the class

    • Be prepared!!

      • Book is covered and brought to class

      • Pen/pencil

      • Notebook

    • Keep an open mind

    • Try your hardest and never say “I can’t”

    All tests will be announced at least 3 days in advance.  Unannounced quizzes may be given at any time, although students can usually count on an announced quiz at least one day in advance.  Tests need to be made up as soon as possible before or after school, if not made up within 5 days a zero will result.  Cheating will result in an automatic zero.

    Assignments include:  Tests (worth about 100 points), Quizzes (10-50), Poster/Presentations (40-75,) General Assignments (20), Warm up/down activity (5)

    Grades will be based on a total points system.  The number of points will vary for each type of assignment.  There is no set number of points at the end of the semester.  Therefore, getting a “100” on 5 general assignments would be worth the same as getting a 100 on a test

    Extra Help

    Extra help may be provided before or after school.  Please inform me of your intent to come in for help to arrange a time and place.  I usually arrive at school around 6:30am Mon, Tues, and Thursday.  My after school hours vary day to day.  I will have meetings on most Tuesday afternoons.