Mr. Jemal Davis 

    Assistant Principal 

    860-449-5630 Ext. 152




    Dear West Side Middle School Community,

    I am truly honored and inspired to join the West Side Middle School community and serve as your new Assistant Principal. I feel very fortunate to work with Mr. Kotecki, and the innovative and industrious staff that make, “West Side the Best Side.” I am looking forward to building strong, positive relationships with not only staff but with students, families, community members and groups. Prior to joining the WSMS family, I was a high school educator at The Norwich Free Academy for 19 years.

    During my tenure at NFA, I held a variety of positions including academic interventionist for ELL and general education for students, as well as the multicultural coordinator. Since 2007, I served as a ninth-grade history teacher. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I mentored interns and novice teachers. I also worked on several school improvement committees, including the school and building level data teams, school-wide literacy committee, ninth grade honors committee, professional development committee and diversity committee. Additionally, I also served as the head football coach and indoor and outdoor track coach. Working with ninth-graders over the past ten years has offered me the opportunity to partner with sending towns to learn and understand the unique physical and developmental changes that middle school adolescents experience as they attempt to navigate the critical intermediate years of their education.

    This transitional period is as crucial for fifth graders as they move to sixth grade, as it is for eighth graders as they transition to high school. Thus, my goal as assistant principal is to provide leadership that will promote and sustain a nurturing school environment. One that ensures an intellectual, physical, emotional, and social well -being of all students. To achieve this goal I will relentlessly work to build collaborative relationships with students, teachers, staff, and administrators. I will also focus on partnerships with parents, families and community members, agencies and groups. It is my pledge to be visible and accessible and to lead through integrity, respect, kindness, and empathy. Through fulfillment of my goal, I will be able to successfully work with other WSMS stakeholders to steward the district’s vision of developing individual students, learning, community, and culture. I am eager and passionate about being an active team member of the WSMS community. I welcome and encourage all stakeholders’ efforts and insight to sustain, “West Side as the Best Side.”

    With this being said, the key to our students’ growth is effective teaching and meaningful learning. Therefore, I will support and advocate for our teachers, so they are able to support and advocate for our students. My door is always open and I am eager to listen. If you need anything, I am available to support your efforts in the best way possible to support our kids. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to share ideas or concerns. I am always excited to learn. I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead!

    With kind regards,

    Jemal Davis, Assistant Principal