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     Grade 6
    Team B
    Language Arts 

    Focus: Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), Character Development, and Narrative Writing 

    Overview:  Welcome! In Mrs. Panucci’s English Language Arts classes students will select their Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) book of their choice. Students are expected to take this book from home, to school, and each class. Twenty minutes of SSR, a day/night, is expected for each student, as the in class lessons will be dependent on it. With our SSR books we will be diving deeply into the world of characterization! Students will analyze main characters, identify traits, and discover how outside pressures can affect them! As for writing, students will get started on their narrative unit and brainstorm important moments in their lives. I am looking forward to a fantastic year! 


    *Mrs. Panucci's E-mail: jpanucci1@groton.k12.ct.us 
     Homework: Please click here for daily homework assignments on our Team Page.