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    Board of Education
    Board of Education  

    1st row (from left to right):  Gretchen Newsome, Rosemary Robertson, Jane Giulini, Andrea Ackerman

    2nd row (from left to right):   Student Representative Cindy Fan, Jay Weitlauf, Kim Shepardson Watson, Lee White, Katrina Fitzgerald, Student Representative Daniel Gaiewski

    Board Member Rita Volkmann is missing from the picture.


    Board Member

    Contact Information

    Term Expires

    Andrea Ackerman, Ed.D., Vice Chair

    824 Groton Long Point Road

    Noank, CT  06340

    Home:  860-536-2422
    Email:  aackerman@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2021 (R)

    Katrina Fitzgerald

    12 Overlook Avenue

    Mystic, CT  06355 

    Home:  860-415-9374

    Email:  kfitzgerald@groton.k12.ct.us


    December 2019 (R)

    Jane Giulini

    899 Shennecossett Road

    Groton, CT  06340

    Home:  860-405-1963
    Email:  jgiulini@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2021 (D)
    Gretchen Newsome
    56 Hilltop Road
    Mystic, CT  06355
    Home:  860-536-1956
    Cell:  860-912-1302
    Email:  gnewsome@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2019 (R) 
    Rosemary Robertson 
    7 Carole Court
    Groton, CT  06340
    Home:  860-514-4557
    Email:  rrobertson@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2021 (D)
    Kim Shepardson Watson, Chair
    175 Shennecossett Parkway
    Groton, CT  06340
    Home:  860-303-2759
    Email:  kwatson@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2019 (D)
    Rita Volkmann
    135 Dogwood Lane
    Mystic, CT  06355
    Home:  860-572-0068
    Cell:  860-460-3608
    Email:  rvolkmann@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2019 (D)
    Jay Weitlauf
    P.O. Box 23
    West Mystic, CT  06388
    Home:  860-245-8568
    Email:  jweitlauf@groton.k12.ct.us
    December 2019 (R)
    Lee White
    372 Meridian Street Ext. #54
    Groton, CT  06340
    Home:  860-446-6190
    Cell:  860-227-4792
    Email:  lwhite@groton.k12.ct.us  
    December 2021 (D)
    Please note:  due to technical difficulties the Board of Education meeting of August 22, 2016 was not video taped.