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    Name: Bridgett Ellis
    Grade/Subject: ABA Special Education Teacher, Cutler Middle School
    Email: bellis@groton.k12.ct.us
            I discovered that my welcome page decided to revert/change back to the one I had when I was working at the elementary level... no idea why. But, it needed updating anyway. It's been an interesting year, transitioning from many years spent at the elementary level, to working with middle school students, but it has been interesting!
            Middle school students have been fascinating- they seem to have feet in both worlds, that of childhood and adulthood. As I taught elementary age children, I always wondered what they'd be like when they got older; teaching here now has provided the opportunity to finally see this! I've enjoyed getting to know many of the students outside my classroom, particularly through doing the LEGOS Robotics and Board Games Clubs.