• iPads in Math

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    How do you think the iPads helped you in math? Any suggestions for how they should be used? What do you think worked and what do you think needs to be improved?
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  • Flipped Math Recommendations

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    What are your thoughts about the program used in math this year where you watched videos for homework?  Do you have any ideas for what we should try next year?
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  • iPad Apps

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    What are your favorite apps?  Which apps do you like the best and why?
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  • iPads in Other Classrooms

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    What were some of the ways you used iPads in the other classrooms that you enjoyed or suggestions you have for their use?
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  • 7th Grade

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    Thoughts on 7th grade.... Any ideas on what you'd like to see in 7th grade next year?
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  • iPads at Home

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    Take a minute to share your thoughts if you took your iPad home.  How often/much did you use it?  What did you do?  What apps did you use?  Did you experience any problems?  Tell about your experiences.
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  • Next Year.........

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    Do you have any advice for next year's sixth graders?  What should they do to have a successful year/
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  • So what do you think?

    Posted by KAREN BRYER on 3/25/2013
    So it's been a few months now since students have been allowed to take the iPads home.  What are they being used for?  Do you find it helpful to have the device at home?
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