Spring is here!
    Name: Miss Monahan
    Grade/Subject: Special Education Grades K-1 
    Email: Click here and search by last name.
    Spring is here!!
    This Spring is very busy time!  Students will be working towrds beating their MAP scores from the Winter.  I will meet with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students to go over their scores for the Winter and what they can do to help improve their scores fro the Spring.
    Students are contuing to work hard on math skills at this time.  Many young learners are working on addition and subtraction and comparing numbers. 
    Students are also working on using beginner reading strategies to help them decode and read for meaning.
    Please remember that it is a busy time and many of you have PPT's that have been scheduked for the Spring.  Remember to be on the look out for invites coming in the mail. 
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child at any time please feel free to contact me:
    (860) 449-5636