The middle school consolidation process is well under way and has several components to ensure success.  The reason the district is consolidating from three to two middle schools is because the current enrollment of students is not large enough to warrant maintaining three schools.  The extra cost of maintaining three buildings is approximately $2.7MM per year.

    The oldest of the three middle schools is Fitch Middle, and as expected it is the most in the need of repair.  It made sense to consolidate that building.  Unfortunately, FMS is the biggest middle school so the other two schools need some improvements in order to accommodate all students.

    To make the consolidation successful, the following areas are being addressed:

    ·        Building improvements for Cutler and Westside

    ·        Planning for student transition at the middle schools

    ·        Planning for staff transition at the middle schools

    ·        Redistricting for middle schools

    ·        Redistricting for elementary schools (also tied to the State requirement for racial balance)


    As of April 18, 2012, the following redistricting plans are the latest being considered.  It is planned that the Board of Education will approve plans by early May.

    ·        Current ES districts….Click Here 
    ·        Proposed ES districts…..Click Here 
    ·        Proposed MS districts…..Click Here