Welcome To Catherine Kolnaski -
    Where Wellness Is A Priority!
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    The mission of the CKMS Wellness Committee is to establish
    and maintain a school environment which encompasses
    physical, mental, social/emotional and spiritual well being for
    both students and employees. 
    The Wellness Committee will
    strive to encourage and educate our community by supporting                       
    nd providing resources to help foster healthy lifestyle choices.

    Objectives: Faculty, staff, and students will

    1. Learn to manage resources and practicebehaviors that protect                                     and enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional andsocial health.

    2. Develop individual competence andversatility in movement skills,                     movement concepts, and the relationship of physical activity
    to lifelong health.

    3. Identify and evaluate healthinformation and resources.

    A. Become aware of healthy choicesthrough presentations, community        gatherings and modeling.

    B. Be encouraged to participate inbirthday recess instead of birthday    cake/cupcakes.

    4. Learn about healthy collaborationsfor safe and supportive social                environments.

    5. Understand the benefits of and beencouraged to exercise daily.