• Step Three: Things to bring to registration

    Make sure you call 860-572-2197 for your registration appointment.  Before you leave home, take a moment to go through the following check list to make sure you bring all the appropriate documents and evidence needed to complete the registration process.
    • Proof of residency - (Please click on Policy P 5112.2 Admission Requirements for Resident Students   for acceptable documentation).
    • Picture ID- driver's license,military id, etc.
    • Child's Birth Certificate - must be a valid document with a raised seal from the town or city of birth.
    • Proof of guardianship, if not the birth parent or if divorced - Adoption papers, court order clarifying guardianship, guardianship papers from Probate Court, DCF form 603(must be signed by DCF or legal designee)
    • Child's Immunization Record
      -*Note this is not required to register but will be requested prior to the first day of school by the school nurse. .
    • Proof  of Physical Exam - * Note proof of physical exam is not required to register but will be requested prior to the first day of school by the school nurse.  The health assessment form is provided in Step Two.  Side one must be completed by the parent; side two is to be completed and signed by a health care professional.
    • Completed forms from Step Two - Our Centralized Registrar can assist you with any forms if you have questions or need additional information.