• Learning in Music Class

    Learning in Music Class

    Pre K students learn nursery rhymes and chants, singing stories, a variety of percussion instruments, and singing. Many of the songs include motions or movement. Even simple rhythm is learned by Pre-K students. K students learn a variety of songs, dances, activities with instruments. Many of their songs include movements and rhythms that they respond to. First grade students learn how to read music notation. They learn about quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests. They should be able to clap out simple rhythms by the end of first grade. They will also be able to know how to sing a simple mi-sol-la song. Second grade students progress to music books. They learn how to follow the words of a song. They also learn signs and symbols of music and how to follow a melody line. By the end of second grade they will learn the lines and spaces of the treble clef. Third grade students learn how to play a musical instrument: the recorder. They will review the lines and spaces at the beginning of the year and progress to learning how to read and apply that knowledge to the study of the recorder. They will perform a concert in the spring. Fourth grade students focus on songs of our country, multicultural songs, playing percussion instruments and playing all of the Orff instruments. They also create melodies, dances, and songs. In addition, they learn about the instruments of the orchestra. Fifth grade students focus on listening to great works of music and studying about famous composers as well as singing in every single music class. Chorus students learn how to follow and sing music, how to warm up properly for singing, how to stand when they sing, how to sing properly, and how to perform in a choral group.

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