• High School:


    Animation is one of the largest, fastest growing media and career areas in our world today.   Animation is used in every field from advertising and entertainment to medicine. The animation course allows a much larger cross section of our students a course that will support a large diversity of career options. This course provides a broader base of multimedia fundamentals and focus on engineering, principles of design, and character modeling.  Animation will better prepare our students for post-secondary success, and will provide undecided students with informed career options. This course is a primarily technology based program. It is not designed to teach computer gaming, graphics, cartooning or an art based approach.

        Animation Curriculum

    Architectural CAD Level 2

    Introduction to Engineering Design is a suggested prerequisite for all Architectural courses.  This course provides resources and instruction for an intermediate course in architectural design.  The course reviews design principles, creating sketches using pencil and paper and the CAD computer inter- face. The students will then take the basic designs created and work using AutoCAD Architecture and Revit Architecture to design and install site, mechanical, interior, and topographical plans. These plans will then be used to instruct the students in the basic principles of estimating.

       Architectural CAD Curriculum


    Digital Photography

    This is an introductory course in photography. Students will be provided with the opportunity to gain skill related to digital editing with Adobe Photoshop. Emphasis will be placed on proper handling of equipment and developing visual literacy. The school will provide digital cameras for use during class time. Photography is a project-oriented course. As a result, good attendance and participation are necessary for success.

       Digital Photography Curriculum 


    Digital Photography II- Advanced Photography

    This course focuses on refining the skills learned in Digital Photography I. Students will continue to develop visual literacy skills in terms of looking at and reflecting upon their own art, the art of their peers, and the art of well-known photographers. Current world issues will be discussed and connected to the curriculum. In the studio, students will be further controlling the outcome of their artwork through the use of manual settings with projects connected to the school community and the greater Groton community, as well as in depth personal assignments. Students will be encouraged to find topics they are passionate about and create artwork around their independent ideas.