• Prekindergarten – Grade 8:

    PK - 8 Science Curriculum 


     PK - 8 Science GLE's

    Integrated Science:


    Topics in this course will include all aspects of the sciences.  Chemical, physical and biological concepts will be integrated to offer a broad base knowledge of the sciences and the connections between them.  This course will have extensive hands-on labs, activities and field trips.  Students will be expected to complete major projects and other assignments that demonstrate the connections between and among the sciences.


                Integrated Science Curriculum


    Chemistry in the Community(ChemCom):


    Students employ problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills needed to apply chemical principles in decisions regarding scientific and technological issues.  Frequent laboratory activities and projects are integral parts of each unit.


         ChemCom Curriculum


    General and Honors Biology:


    Topics will include cell structure and function, Mendelian genetics, change and diversity of living things, microscopic life including viruses, bacteria and protists.  Extensive laboratory exercises, research papers and field work assignments are integral parts of this course.  This course is intended for those students contemplating a major in science, engineering or health profession in college. 

          Biology Curriculum