• Transition Events: Once the building plans are set, improvements are underway, students know where they are going and staff knows where they will be working next year, the district plans to have several activities to ensure a smooth transition and an excellent first year under the new two middle school structure. Some of the activities would include:

    · Meeting with academic teachers to discuss their student assignments

    · Allowing teachers the opportunity to meet and plan with their new teammates

    · Allowing students to meet with their new classmates

    · Allowing students to visit their new building where appropriate, etc.

    In mid-February, every middle school teacher will meet with administrators to discuss their thoughts on where they would like to be located next year. Beginning in March, students will meet with guidance councilors to express any concerns or hopes they have for their next school year. This direct feedback would be the connections for much of the planning that takes place on both the staff and student level.
    Update 2/23/12The first meeting with student representatives was held on 2/22/12, with representatives from each middle school in attendance.  The group discussed issues to be addressed and changes that could be beneficial for next year.   The students brainstormed many ideas that could assist in the transition.  Regular student respresentative meetings will be established.