• Student Placement: Determining where students go is the next step after ensuring proper space is appropriate, as noted above. Our plan calls for each middle school building to have the same number of students.  With that in mind, the BOE has certain criteria for determining student placement:

    · Compliance with state laws on diversification

    · Have equal enrollment in both middle schools

    · Plan specific feeder elementary schools to specific middle schools

    · Keep neighborhoods together

    Our architect is using their GIS system (Geographic Information System) to assist in the process to determine a division of the Town that would meet the criteria listed above. Once that concept is acceptable, it will be reviewed by GPS’s Transportation Department. With the acceptance of the Transportation Department, the plan would be communicated to the broader community.
    Update 2/23/12:  On 2/27/12, at the next Board of Education Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting, the Board will be discussing middle school and elementary school redistricting proposals.  Current proposals are slated to be posted on the GPS district website by Friday, February 24, in order to facilitate discussion and public response at the COW meeting.   An additional follow-up meeting will likely be planned to solicit additional community input.