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    Information from Community Meetings

    Summary of Community Survey Results - Graphs


    Information from Intitial Community Meetings



    Enrollment Trends and Projections
    Provides the current district numbers as of September 30, 2011 and the enrollment history from previous years.These enrollment numbers do not include students placed out of district, which count for state subsidy, but would not be involved in a discussion about district space.


    Accuracy of 2010 Projection Models

    Each year, the district hires a consultant who estimates our future enrollment.It appears that the estimate is for a short-term dip with an increase over the five year period.In summary, it looks like we will remain stable, as we have been for the past few years.This could, however, be influenced by changes in Naval personnel.


    Building Size

    District Board Policy Capabilities vs. Enrollment
    This document highlights the functional building capacity versus current enrollment.An 85% capacity utilization was used.This 15% buffer is on the minimum side and accounts for the uneven distribution of students and program needs.


    Floor Plans

    These basic floor plans are provided to assist the community in visualizing the buildings.

    Cutler Middle School
    Fitch Middle School
    West Side Middle School



    Classroom Inventories

    These documents provide information on how different rooms may be used given a certain number of teams.

    Cutler Middle School
    Fitch Middle School
    West Side Middle School


    School Feeders & Student Movement

    Feeder Pattern
    Details which elementary schools are currently scheduled to feed each middle school.


    Past Movement Because of Closures

    This table illustrates student movement since 2003.


    Details from the Architect

    The first page looks at the WSMS and CMS option. The revised look has the two schools with fairly equal enrollment. This would require six teams in each. The second version has CMS with seven teams and West Side with five. The two boundary maps are listed on the next two pages. The main difference is that all of the military area is included going to CMS under version two.

    The next set of pages looks at the scenario in which FMS remains open. The maps follow. FMS would have seven teams in each of the runs.

    Each of the runs provide an idea of what elementary schools would feed the middle schools. It would have been too costly and vague to do an actual redistricting for each scenario.


    Racial Balancing

    Current Racial Balance by School
    This report shows the current distribution of racial balancing among our schools.The state measures racial balance by comparing the district average to that grade level and comparing it to the level of a particular school.We are supposed to be below 15%, but being below 25% avoids required actions.


    Costs and Other Considerations


    This document details the costs associated with staffing.


    Non-Personnel Savings/Costs
    Provides line item costs and savings associated with closing one building.


    Estimated Costs

    Status quo estimates for school upgrades.


    Per Pupil Costs

    A new per student analysis was done by the GPS Business Manager.It shows a $1,000 difference between MS and HS students.This is down from the $2,000 back in 2009.Unfortunately the difference between MS and ES has increased from $2,600 to $3,000.