• Vision Statement

    If S. B. Butler School is to be an exemplary school, it must have a clear sense of the goals that it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to become, and the contributions that the various stakeholders in the school must make in order to transform ideals into reality. The following statements are intended to provide the standards that S. B. Butler School should strive to achieve and maintain.

    An exemplary school provides students with a balanced program that stimulates intellectual curiosity, requires students to demonstrate that they have learned how to learn, and enables them to become productive and effective citizens. The school articulates the outcomes it seeks for all of its students and monitors each student's attainment of those outcomes through a variety of indicators. In such a school, instruction will:
    apple Be student centered and developmentally appropriate
    apple Support each child's needs and learning styles
    apple Engage students' interest to support their motivation and eagerness to learn
    apple Emphasize process as well as product
    apple Provide academic challenge and encourage academic risk taking
    apple Create problem solvers

    Exemplary schools require effective leaders - leaders who are able to build a shared vision that serves as a bridge between the school's present reality and the future that it desires. In such a school, the leaders will:
    apple Promote mutual respect and support with all members of the school community
    apple Allow for creativity and support risk-taking
    apple Foster teamwork
    apple Actively engage the community in partnering with the school
    apple Promote leadership in others

    An exemplary school operates on the premise that a school can only be as good as the personnel it employs. In such a school, all staff will:
    apple Work collaboratively supporting and encouraging each other
    apple Approach each other and students in a positive manner valuing individuality
    apple Utilize common language and approaches to instruction and discipline
    apple Be accountable
    apple Engage in honest and open communication
    apple Model respectful behavior

    In the final analysis, the effectiveness of any school is assessed on the basis of the conduct, character, and achievement of its students. In an exemplary school, students will:
    apple Take responsibility for their own learning , actions, and behavior
    apple Use their knowledge, skills, and talents for continuous growth
    apple Be respectful of all staff, students, and members of the school community
    apple Demonstrate appropriate behavior in a variety of environments
    apple Take pride and show confidence in their achievements

    An exemplary school provides a warm, inviting climate that enables students to enjoy their school experience and results in a shared sense of pride in the school. In such a school:
    apple Students and staff will feel safe and secure throughout the day
    apple Differences and similarities are celebrated and embraced
    apple Achievement in all areas will be acknowledged and celebrated
    apple Warm and welcoming behaviors create a positive atmosphere
    apple Communication of divergent ideas is encouraged

    An exemplary school recognizes the importance of establishing effective partnerships with the larger community - parents, residents, businesses, government agencies, and other educational systems. It strives to develop the community's allegiance to and ownership in the school. Staff, parents, and community members will:
    apple Participate in the learning process
    apple Promote and participate in volunteer and mentor programs
    apple Develop and sustain partnerships which support the goals of the school
    apple Communicate through a variety of media to enhance awareness of each others needs
    apple Develop an appreciation for each other's contributions to the community

    Adopted by SIT - 5/05