• Here are some helpful hints to keep your child motivated to learn and succeed at school.
    1.  Encourage Positive Family Relationships and Responsibility
    **Provide reasonable structure to help your child become independent and responsible.
    **Have regular conversations with your child and provide time to listen to his or her interests and concerns.
    **Praise your child for both trying hard and for being successful.  All children need to know when they are doing well.
    2.  Model the Importance of Learning
    **Plan family activities that encourage learning, such as visits to the library, museums, and parks. 
    **Let your child know that you think learning is important and is the central purpose of school.
    **Let your child see you read books, newspapers, and magazines.  Talk about what you read. 
    3.  Teach Habits that Encourage Learning
    **Have a set routine for school work.
    **Make sure your child finishes school work at home before doing things that could distract him or her.
    **Help your child become an expert at something, such as baseball, dinosaurs, insects, whatever, and use those things to encourage learning.
    4.  Work With Your Child's Teacher to Enhance Academic Motivation
    **Talk regularly with the teacher so that you and the teacher know what is going on in school and at home.
    **Develop a system to give reinforcements at home for working hard in school.