• Helpful Hints---Fostering Creativity in Children

    Through the nurturance of creative thinking, parents may assist their children in developing critical thinking skills that lead their children to success.

    Enhancing creative thinking through these steps:

    ** Hold brainstorming sessions with your children.  This allows the child to use his or her imagination to express ideas while encouraging divergent thinking.   

    **Encourage originality and flexibility.  Parents can encourage children to explore novel solutions to problems by asking their children to create a special diary in which they can write their problems and, then, over time, add ideas about ways to resolve them.   

    **Encourage humor.  Humor has been associated with creativity and also promotes divergent thinking. 

    **Encourage imagination.  Children have an incredible, innate ability to use their imagination in numerous ways, including play and the creation of imaginary friends.  By using their imagination, children are accessing a thought process that helps them establish new and unexpected ideas.

    **Support open mindedness.  Teach children to look at situations from different points of view and encourage them to be receptive of new ideas.  Help them embrace things that are new or unknown. 

    **Encourage safe risk taking.  When children pursue creative solutions to problems, they may risk making mistakes and failing.  Support and guide your child so that he or she understand the importance of making mistakes and encourage he or she to continue taking intellectual and artistic risks despite the outcome. 

    **Promote first-hand exploration.  Parents can help enrich their child's mind by taking him or her to new places about which the child is curious, such as zoos, museums, aquariums, or libraries. 

    This information was excerpted from Helping Children at Home and School.