• Homepage

    As decribed in an earlier page, the homepage for each site has the same look and feel.  The following information will help describe the basic components on a homepage.

    District Button

    Located in the upper left hand corner, this button automatically takes you to the homepage of the district site.

    Select a School Dropdown

    Located to the right of the district button, this dropdown allows you to select a school.  When you click on a school you are taken to that schools homepage.

    Translate Dropdown

    This dropdown allows a user to select a language that can translate the current screen being viewed.  The languages selected were those most common in our district.

    Search Bar

    The search bar located at the top of the homepage will allow the viewer to search for words located somewhere in the website.  It will not be able to search for words that are located in documents uploaded to the website, unless the word is in the title.

    Sign In Button

    Located in the upper right of the homepage, the sign in button is clicked in order to enter your user name and password.  Details on how to sign in will be described in another page.

    Channel Bar

    Underneath the district button and above the district or school name is the channel bar.  These are the main categories of information described in an earlier page.

    Name, Logo, and Rotating Pictures

    Each site has the name of the location, its mascot or logo, and a rotating series of pictures.  We hope you enjoy the excitement for learning these pictures show. 

    Urgent Info Button

    The Urgent Info button located to the left under the site name has an important role.  When the Superintendent has urgent information to convey the button will become gold and active.  Clicking on the button will take the viewer to the Superintendents Urgent Info page to read the important announcement.  For example, this will be used for snow day announcements.

    Calendar button

    To the right of the Urgent Info button is the calendar button.   By clicking on the calendar button the viewer is taken to the calendar of the site they are viewing.  What is on the sites calendar is at the discretion of the manager of that site.  It most likely contains major events of that location but not all events.  Calendars can exist in sections (i.e. teachers, sports, clubs, etc.) that may contain relevant events.

    Staff Directory Button

    Located to the right of the calendar button, the Staff Directory button opens a database of district employees.  Staff email addresses that are located on web pages can be gathered by computer hackers and used to send SPAM.  To avoid this, the Groton Public Schools maintains staff email addresses on this database, not accessible to hackers.

    Powerschool button

    This button is located to the right of the Staff Directory button.  This is a link to the Powerschool log in screen for parents.  Powerschool is the districts new student information system.  Staff access to their log in screen is found on a different part of the website.

    Shortcuts Area

    On the lower left hand side of the homepage sits Shortcuts for that site.  These are quick links designed to take viewers to the information most requested.  It saves time by not requiring viewers to go through the channels and sections.

    Headlines and Features Area

    Located in the lower center of the homepage the Headlines and Features area contains important information that the location wants to convey to viewers.  Each headline title is a link to a page that has more information.  This information is posted by the manager of that site.

    Spotlight Area

    Located in the middle-right of the homepage the Spotlight area contains information about interesting activities unlike Headlines, these bulletins do not link to more information.

    Upcoming Events Area

    Located in the lower right of the homepage, this area shows upcoming calendar entries from the sites main calendar. Again, this does not represent all events, but the ones the location chooses to highlight.