• Sites are the different logical locations within the Schoolwires software.  For school districts, sites are organized by schools and other relevant buildings.  In the Groton Public Schools there are twelve sites:  the district website and a website for each of our eleven schools.

    While each school may contain different information, special attention was given to make the look and feel similar for each site.  The first page one reaches on a site is called the homepage.  Information about what is found on the homepage is described in another page.

    In order to reduce redundancy if information is valuable to all sites it may be placed at one location very often the district website and accessed from the other sites through a link.  For example, since lunch menus are the same for all elementary schools it is posted on the district site.  Parents can also see the menus from a school site by clicking on the breakfast and lunch menu link.  When a person is redirected to information on another site a new window will pop-up indicating the information is on a different site.