• In order for information to be logically organized in Schoolwires each page of information sits within a sectionand each section sits within a channel.  This creates three levels of information.  The easiest way to think about this is through the analogy of a file cabinet (see diagram below). 

    In Schoolwires the file cabinet (where all information is stored) has drawers which are called channels.  In the same way one labels a file cabinet drawer to highlight what is in that drawer, the channel names on our website direct you to the information you are looking for.  The channel names are listed horizontally above the school name and logo.

    Within each channel (drawer of the file cabinet) sits sections which can be thought of as hanging folders.  Just as a hanging folder in an office file cabinet is labeled to direct a person to what information lies within, the name of the section indicates what information is in that part of the website.  Section names are accessed when you put your cursor over the channel name. [Please note:  if there are several sections within a channel then one has to click on the channel in order to get an alphabetized list of section names].

    Within each section sit pages of information.  Continuing with our analogy within the hanging folder section rests the documents that you are looking for.  Each page name has a title.   In our website, pages are listed on the left side of a section.

    Slide of File Cabinet