• Overview

    Schoolwires is an easy to use software application that helps school districts create dynamic websites.  It does this by allowing users, who have been assigned editing capabilities, to create websites very easily.  Using Schoolwires has a similar complexity to using Microsoft Word. 

    Old vs. New

    Traditional websites were written in computer languages not known to the average person, therefore, any information that someone wished to be put on the webpage had to go through a webmaster.  By using Schoolwires everyone who has been given the ability to add information to their section of the website can do so very easily.

    Access and Security

    Schoolwires is accessed through the internet, which means it can be accessed anywhere.   User names and passwords are given to not only allow certain people to add and change information, but also to allow the district to put certain information on the website that only appropriate people can see.  For example, if a school had information about a fieldtrip it would be appropriate for only the parents from that school to see details about the trip.  Those around the world accessing our site from the World Wide Web should not see this information.  This security is given by issuing families and staff user names and passwords.


    While there are limits to what we can do in Schoolwires, its capabilities are substantial.  This should help amplify the creativity and skills of our staff.  Aside from posting information Schoolwires allows for the creation of:

    ·         Calendars

    ·         Surveys

    ·         Forms

    ·         Blogs (ways to electronically chat)

    ·         Podcasts (downloadable videos)

    ·         Photo Galleries

    ·         Upcoming Assignments

    ·         Sharing urgent Information

    ·         and a whole lot more

    And in the near future we will have the capability for teachers to share files and folders with their students and colleagues.