• Mentor Training Opportunities

    New Mentor Training can occur at any time. If there is a singular person who would like to become a mentor, they can contact the Mentor Steering Committee's (MSC) Chairperson, Sharon Schick, at schicksa@sbcglobal.net or (860)514-2977 (860) 448-9360. She will be able to set you up with a training session with any of the MSC's members.
    If there is a significant number of potential mentors, a group training session will be held at one of the schools in the district. These sessions are much like an individual session, but include dinner.
    Please watch this page for any New Mentor Training Flyers to be posted. Also, keep in mind that you may contact Sharon at any time if you would like to become a mentor!
    What happens during mentor training? 
    • Materials: Each person in attendance will receive a packet containing various items including, but not limited to: paper copy of the powerpoint presentation to take notes on, mentor program tri-fold brochure, mentee profiles split into age ranges, paperwork to fill out
    • Introductions: Everyone in attendance will say their name, and why they would like to become a mentor/what their status within the mentoring program is
    • PowerPoint presentation: A PowerPoint will be gone over which includes all the information needed to become a mentor and to make it a successful time!
    • Questions/Comments/Concerns: If any arise during the presentation, write them down and ask them at the end or whenever the speaker asks if there are any.
    • Dinner: This will only be provided with a group training. In an individual training, it is up to the person giving the training and is not required and should not be expected.
    Group Trainings usually take place Twice during the school year.