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    As a lasting memory of Harry Day, Claude Chester Elementary Schools legendary principal, the family of Mr. Day chose to honor him by donating a section of books to the Claude Chester Library. This generous donation ensured that Mr. Day would not only be remembered by those who were around during his time in the school, but that he would also be remembered by those who read the books that were made available by his family. This wonderful act fostered the idea that has grown to become the Groton School Library H.U.G. Program.

    How Your Donation Helps the Groton Public Schools

    The Groton Public Schools deeply appreciate your generous donation to fill our school libraries with exciting books for our students. The media specialist in each school has developed a priority list of books that they maintain on file with Bank Square Books. Therefore, your donation not only helps the school district, but supports a local, Groton business. Although a credit card fee of approximately 3% must be deducted from your donation, Bank Square Books is offering a significant discount on each book, and the school district is not charged sales tax. Donating through this website provides greater spending power than buying the books independently and giving them to the school.

    Personalize Your Donation

    In addition to helping the students of the school district by expanding the books in their libraries, making a donation can also create a lasting memory of your generosity. For every charged donation of $15 or more, at least one book will be affixed with a beautiful label on the inside cover with your name, another persons name that you choose to honor, or a company/organization. The label from an anonymous donation will be identified as being donated from A Friend of the Groton Public Schools.

    Examples of reasons to donate include:

    • To give someone a birthday gift by donating a book in his/her name
    • To memorialize your childs attendance in a school by having his/her name affixed in a book
    • To honor someones memory by creating a lasting donation of books in his/her name
    • To thank or appreciate an educator, or someone who loves learning
    • To simply show your support to the current and future students of this great community

    How to Donate

    The Groton Public Schools would very much appreciate if you would make your donation UNDESIGNATED. By not targeting your donation to a specific school, the district is able to assign your donation to the neediest area, while maintaining equity among the schools. If, however, it is important for you to TARGET your donation, we certainly understand the importance that this may hold and will enthusiastically honor your request. If you TARGET your donation, you may do so in any or all of the following three areas: School, Fiction or Non-Fiction, and/or Age Group. Every person donating will receive a thank you letter for their tax files. Every person donating $15 or more will receive a thank you letter that includes the title and location of the personalized book(s). Please contact astripling@groton.k12.ct.us with any questions.

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