• Notes on ResearchPartnership Climate and Math Achievement

    One of the core elements of the NNPS program is that the annual partnership plans that schools

    write, and that district leaders help facilitate, is goal-oriented. In addition to establishing

    academic (e.g., improved student reading or math skills) and non-academic (e.g., improved

    student attendance or behavior) goals, all schools are encouraged to list improving the

    partnership climate as an explicit outcome of their family and community involvement activities.

    The value of working to improve the partnership climate of schools was demonstrated in an

    NNPS study that found schools with stronger partnership climates demonstrated higher rates of

    student proficiency on math achievement test from one year to the next

    1. These findings suggest

    that the broad goal of improving the partnership climate in schools can benefit students

    academic performance.

    1 Sheldon, S. B., Epstein, J. L., & Galindo, C. L. (2010). Not Just Numbers: Creating a partnership climate to improve math

    proficiency in schools.

    Leadership and Policy in Schools, 9, 27-48.