• Partners and Volunteers

    Each day upon the earth that we are here

    We need to recognize and celebrate each and every volunteer.

    Those wonderful partners we must say

    Who dedicate their time and energy without a thought of pay.

    Volunteerism has many looks

    From helping in classrooms, to reading books

    To helping out in any way

    From chaperoning trips to assisting with field day.

    They see a job to be done without being asked

    Their enthusiasm visible, it cannot be masked

    They work tirelessly, each and everyone

    As situations arisethey know what needs to be done.

    We thank parent volunteers with one accord

    But lets not forget the members of the School Board

    Who move our schools forward without any pay

    To make childrens lives brighter each and every day.

    And many of the employees who volunteer

    To go above and beyond each and every year

    Not ruled by the clock nor monetary ends

    Putting in extra time on evenings and weekends.

    And our businesses and community helpers who give of their time

    And ask for nothing, not even a dime.

    We are all volunteers at one time or another

    United for our children, every sister and brother.

    So in a world growing smaller and in many ways cold

    Let our mission in our great country be told

    That we will continue to support and give cheers

    To all who help our children as dedicated partners and volunteers.

    J. Michael Coyne