• Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT)

    The key to effective programs and services, for a handicapped child, is early assessment, identification, and programming. Groton Pubic Schools, through community contact and outreach efforts, strives to identify children at an early age who needs special education and related services.
    If a parent, caregiver, or early childhood provider suspects that a child, between the ages of 3-5 years old, may have some developmental delays or special concerns they should contact the team to discuss further assessment.  This is a free service available to all Groton families who are concerned about their child's growth and development.  All screening and assessment is confidential.
    If the team determines that a child does have a disability or developmental delay, appropriate programming and services will be provided as determined by the planning and placement team.  
    Contact the team with regarding a screening or specific questions at the location below:
    Early Childhood Assessment Team
    (860) 449-5653
    The ECAT team is available during normal elementary school hours.