• Current Grant Information

    Grant funding is an important piece of the budget process at Groton Public Schools. The Grants Department is responsible for managing and maintaining approximately 24 grant awards, including carryover funding, with a combined budget of over $1,600,000.
    This department is responsible for grant writing, researching new funding sources, processing applications, tracking expenditures, monitoring grant-related payroll, and all related grant reports (quarterly, bi-annually, and annually). Grant projects are in place at each building and involve over 40 grant funded staff positions per year.
    The following information provides a summary of grants and foundation awards that are currently in place in the Grants Department. New funding opportunities are always "in progress" as we attempt to locate additional funds to support educational, enrichment, and socialization initiatives at Groton Public Schools.

    Title I: Improving Basic Programs Grant - This grant is used to provide a PreK program (144 slots) to ensure young children have the experiences necessary for efficient learning and lifelong academic success. Early childhood services, staff training, and parent involvement services are provided as part of the activities funded. Catherine Kolnaski is a Schoolwide Title I school, a designation determined by total school poverty greater than 40%.  As a Title I school, funds are used to provide intensive literacy support with in-school tutors, professional development for staff, and parent education.  NCLB sanctioned school choice transportation is also supported with Title I funding.  Per federal law, funding is also provided to two non-public schools (Sacred Heart School and Stedfast Baptist Academy) and two neglected and delinquent facilities (New England Adolescent Treatment Center and Noank Baptist Group Homes).

    Title II-Part A: Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Grant- This funding source provides continuing staff development in Making Standards Work and  Data Driven Decision Making. The grant also supports out-of-district professional development, training to meet No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements, and other related staff improvement activities. Nonpublic school activities are also funded.

    Title II-Part D: Enhancing Education through Technology Grant -This funding source provides professional development in integrating technology into curriculum activities and the purchase of instructional software. Nonpublic funds are also provided.

    Title III: English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Grant - This funding source provides Responsive Instruction for Success in English (RISE) training for K-12 classroom teachers to assist English language learners in acquiring appropriate language skills. Funds for parent education and classroom supplies are also part of this program.

    Title IV: Drug-Free Schools Grant Activities include Violence Is Preventable/Second Step for all grade two students and supplies and materials for the Mentoring Program. Nonpublic school activities are also funded.

    Title V: Innovative Education Strategies Grant -The major focus of this grant is to support innovative educational programs that work to bring about academic improvements within the school system. Funds are currently being used to provide elementary accreditation support, Community Coordinators at each school, and dropout prevention tutors at the high school level.

    Carl Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Grant -  Supplies and equipment funded with these funds support the career and technical education program courses at the high school level.

    School Readiness Grant - This program targets children ages 3 and 4 who would benefit from school readiness activities designed to create a more successful transition to kindergarten. A total of thirteen slots are subsidized at a local accredited child center.


    The Groton Public School Sytem participates in a variety of grant projects with other agencies and school districts. The following list of grants are managed by outside fiscal agencies but require on-going contact with the Grants Department.

    Groton Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (GASP) Grants- The GASP Coalition, a community collaborative comprised of over 12 community service agencies, is spearheaded by Ledge Light Health District. The coalition has received three grants from state and federal sources to provide prevention program activities that form a comprehensive approach, which addresses peer/individual, family, school, and community domains. These activities were originally targeted for middle school students. Activities have been expanded to include students at the elementary and high school level as new funds have been awarded.

    William Graustein Foundation Discovery Project -This private foundation supports the ongoing efforts of Children First Groton (CFG), a Groton-based collaborative comprised of community businesses, social service agencies, Groton Public Schools, and local early care providers. Funding from this source has been used to conduct an in depth community survey on early childhood services and the needs of families/children.  LEARN is the fiduciary agent for this grant.

    LEARN Regional Interdistrict Program - Groton schools participate in ten educational activities offered under this grant. Those programs include: Magical Mystery Tour (grades 5-6), Amistad Friendship Society (grades 6-7), Multicultural Resource Center (grades K-4), Building Bridges (grades 1-5), Kidzart Review (grade 5), Circle of Friends on Tour (grade 4), Authors and Amigos (grades 2-4), Pathways to Freedom and Friendship (grades 4-12), YES-Young Educators Societies (grades 6-12), and SummerFest (grades 4-8). LEARN is the fiscal agent for this grant.


    The district participates in many other grants relating to Special Education services, Department of Defense, and capital improvements. These grants are not maintained by the Grants Department. In addition, donations from local/regional businesses, community organizations, and other resources are maintained by the Business Office. Those grants include Groton Education Foundation, Pfizer, Wal-Mart, Target and many others.

    For additional information or more specific grant related questions, please contact the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, at (860) 572-2120.