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    The Groton Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (GASP)

    Since 1999, GASP has worked to reduce and prevent substance abuse among young people in Groton, CT. GASP is a community-based substance abuse coalition. GASP is guided by the Strategic Prevention Framework and is currently funded by the  Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Southeastern Regional Action Council, with support from Ledge Light Health District. By pulling together businesses, parents, teens, schools, police, youth and health/social service agencies, the coalition has continued to advance their mission: To build a healthy, safe and drug-free community through advocacy and education. GASP meets monthly at the Groton Town Police Department. For more information about how you can support GASP, please contact Carolyn Wilson, GASP Coordinator, at 860-448-4882 x318

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    For more information, please visit their website: http://www.ledgelighthd.org/gasp