• GPS 19 Program Schedule December 21, 2018

    Hi Everyone,
       We have four new shows premiering on GPS 19 this week!

    ~ Claude Chester Elementary School’s December 11, 2018 Band and Chorus Concert

    ~ Fitch Senior High School’s 2018 Homecoming Pep Rally

    ~Groton’s 2018 District Wide Strings Festival held at Fitch Senior High School December 6, 2018

    ~Groton Board of Education Meeting held at the Town Hall Annex December 17, 2018

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    These shows will air Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday:    
    5:00am      Architects’ New Middle School Presentation
    6:30           Groton History Expo
    8:00           NEA Shakespeare Play 3-24-17
    9:00           CB 2018 Veteran’s Day Celebration
    9:30           CMS 12-4-18 Dance & Theatre Performances  
    11:00          CK 2018 Invention Convention
    12:00pm    NEA 2017 Celebrate the Arts Event (except Sunday)
    >>>Noon Sunday only –  new BoE meeting<<<
    1:00           FHS 3-25-15 Chorus & Orchestra Concert (except Sunday)
    2:30           MM Technology Fair
    3:30           SBB 12-19-17 Band & Chorus Concert
    4:30           CMS Play: Elf
    6:30pm      WSM 12-19-17 Band & Orchestra Concert
    7:30           CC 12-11-18 Band & Chorus Concert new
    8:00           FHS 2018 Pep Rally new
    8:30           GPS 2018 District Wide Strings Festival new (except Wednesday)
    >>>8:30 Wednesday only – new BoE meeting<<<
    9:30           FHS Play: Why We Laugh (except Wednesday)
    11:10          FHS 6-1-16 Pops Concert
    The above shows will air Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday
    On Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays see the shows below:
    5:00am      FHS Café AMP 2014 
    6:45           CK 2017 STEM Festival
    7:30           CMS Play: Charlie Brown
    9:00           GPS 2018 District Wide Strings Festival new
    10:00          CC 12-11-18 Band & Chorus Concert new
    10:30          FHS 2018 Pep Rally new                
    11:00          FHS Robotics Tournament
    12:00pm    Architects’ New Middle School Presentation
    1:30           FHS 10-5-18 Variety Show
    3:00           NEA 6-12-18 Chorus Concert
    4:00           CC 5-17-17 Concert
    5:00           WSM 2016 STEM Festival
    6:00pm      SBB 2018 Wellness Day
    7:00           NEA 12-20-17 Chorus Concert
    7:30           CB 2018 Veteran’s Day Celebration                
    8:00           CMS 12-4-18 Dance & Theatre Performances  
    9:30           FHS 2018 Dine and Dance
    11:00          FHS Fashion & Talent Show
    ----- Above on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays ------

    Important news- GPS 19 programs are now available online for you to view or download from the GPS19 archives. These shows are searchable by school and date.  For access to the program archives, simply send your name, your child’s name and school to:  gps19@groton.k12.ct.us   then we will put you on the authorized list and send you a link to access the shows.

    Welcome to all our new subscribers! Note that the programs normally change on Friday afternoons, and shows appear at the same time on alternating days to give you a chance to record them. Please encourage other parents and grandparents to subscribe to this weekly schedule by sending their email address to:

    If there are any shows that you have missed, or would simply like to see again, then let me know. Then whenever the air time is available, I'll replay your favorite programs. - This is your TV station!



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