• Citizenship


    Helping without being asked.
    Doing good for others.
    Getting involved with a task
    You're a good citizen.
    A volunteer, a voter too, Obeying laws and obeying rules. Respects the earth as you can see and is involved in community.

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  • Caring


    (CHORUS) Show others you care Be kind everywhere
    Help others in need Forgive others please
    (TRANSITION) When you care for others you're aware of
    others' needs. (repeat the chorus).

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  • Fairness


    REFRAIN: Play by the rules Take turns and share Don't blame the others. Let's play it fair (repeat 3 times the second time)
    VERSE: Treating others fairly Listening to their side Being open minded Fairness will abide....Repeat refrain.

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  • Respect, Respect, Respect

    Respect, Respect, Respect

    Respect, respect, respect
    It's how we treat each other
    With respect, respect, respect
    We're careful what we say
    We listen quietly
    We don't interrupt
    We say please, excuse me,
    And than you very much
    (Repeat refrain)

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  • Trustworthiness


    Trusting you and trusting me.
    Our lives are built on honesty
    Doing right, admitting wrong,
    Being honest is our song.
    What a great world this would be
    If everyone was trustworthy
    Doing right when no one's there
    Every day and everywhere
    (Repeat the refrain)

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