• Groton Education Foundation- Giving Policy

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    The Groton Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization which supports educational innovation and excellence within the Groton Community.


    The Foundation's goal is to support learning innovation and to promote learning excellence in our community. By pooling donated money, the Foundation is able to provide teachers, librarians, and other educators with readily accessible resources to pilot learning projects and to help develop new learning processes.

    Each year, the Foundation solicits mini and extended grant applications from Groton schools, public and private, and from other education institutions, such as Groton's libraries, The Groton Senior Center,Art Associations, and Historical Associations. The Foundation does not award grants to “for profit” institutions.  Each year the Foundation looks to build on past successes, continuing and expanding some projects, while providing startup funding for others.

    Mini-grants are awarded twice each year. Deadlines are:  July 15th and October 15th.  Extended grants are awarded once a year.  The deadline is:  October 15th.

     Grants are awarded based on the following criteria:

    1. The Foundation awards provide seed money for new projects,not to supplant operating expenses and, therefore, the same project will not be considered more than three times.

    2. Mini-grants are normally awarded in the amount of $500,however, larger amounts may be considered for cooperative projects that benefit larger sectors of the Groton educational community.  Extended grants are awarded up to $5,000 for projects of a larger scope.

    3. The application must include a detailed budget indicating howthe funds will be spent.

    4.  Applications will be considered for new or innovative program ideas. Requests for supplies or services (i.e. books, iPads, bussing, etc.) without a programming component will not be considered.

    5. The application must be co-signed or e-mailed by the head of the applicant's institution and received by the deadline.  Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 

    6. Evaluation of application: points shown on applications indicate the values assigned.  The committee has the discretion of adding up to ten points to each application.

    7.  Applicants whose program proposals place a strong emphasis on educational value and innovation,and have a plan to measure the impact of the program, will be given higher scores.

    8. Grant awards received through the public schools must be spent within one year. If the recipient is unable to meet this deadline, an extension request must be made. If an extension request is not made, unspent money will be placed back into the GEF account.

    9. Recipients must send a final report on the outcome of funded projects to the Foundation within three months of the end of the program. This report must include documentation of expenditures. We appreciate high resolution photos that can be used in GEF publications including our web-site and newsletters. Recipients who fail to submit a “grant evaluation form” will not be considered for future grants.

    10. Recipients agree that information about their projects –including any reports, photos or video they submit to us – may be used in GEF publicity in order to solicit more funds for grants.