New Beginnings Alternative Program
    The New Beginnings Program (NBA) is an alternative secondary educational program located within Fitch High School.
    PA 15-133 defines alternative education as "a school or program maintained and operated by a local or regional board of education that is offered to students in a nontraditional educational setting and addresses the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of such students."
    Students enrolled in the NBA program benefit from the same academic standards for all students in CT, within a different or unique setting, which addresses barriers found in traditional settings. The NBA program supports student graduation by building positive relationships, focusing on students' individual strengths, talents, social/emotional/behavioral needs and providing academic rigor and cultural relevancy of instruction. The NBA is also responsive to student needs by providing unique programming, flexible hours, or hybrid experiences for students. Students enrolled in the NBA include those whose academic, social/emotional/behavioral needs were not being met by the traditional program or school.
    Reference: Guidelines for Alternative Education Setting, CSDE