• Avoid the "salty six" for better heart health.

    by Women's Nutrition Connection, Weill Cornell Medical College Year Published: January 2013

    The American Heart Association has identified the six main sources of sodium in the American diet today and recommends reducing their consumption. They are:

    1. Bread and Rolls – check ingredient labels and look for lower salt versions
    2. Cold cuts and cured meats – deli meat, especially pre-packaged varieties, are loaded with sodium
    3. Pizza – also loaded with fat and cholesterol
    4. Poultry – sodium levels depend upon preparation so stick with grilled, or baked skinless chicken or turkey.
    5. Soup – canned soup is a big sodium offender.
    6. Sandwiches – those ingredients, including the bread, meat and condiments, all of which contain sodium, add up.
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  • High Calorie Intake Linked with Increased Risk of Memory Loss

    by Women’s Nutrition Connection, Weill Cornell Medical College Year Published: May 2012

    Research recently presented at the Academy of Neurology’s Annual meeting (April 2012) indicates that individuals that consume high calories have double the risk of mild cognitive impairment (the stage of cognitive decline between normal, age-related changes in memory and Alzheimer’s disease) than those who consume lower calories. In a study including 1200 people ages 70 to 89 without dementia, those who consumed between 2,143 and 6000 calories per day had greater odds of memory loss.

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