Military families experience frequent relocations.  Moving around so much can be really tough.  When youth transition to a new community, it can be scary and exciting.   The Youth Sponsorship Program is a way to make the move to a new area a little less scary.


    When moving to a new area, youth may have many questions:

    • Who will be my friends?
    • What will my new school be like?
    • What activities/sports are available?
    • Will I fit in?
    • What are the other kids wearing?

    Youth Sponsors will help provide the answers to these questions and many more.  Their job is to help eliminate the unknowns. The most important part about being a youth sponsor, is to be a friend and make the new student feel welcome to the Subase New London community. A youth sponsor will introduce the newcomer to other students at school and the youth centers, and provide information and support before, during and after their transition.


    The Youth Sponsorship Programs consists of three major components:

    1.     OUTREACH: Identifying incoming youth and providing them with information and opportunities before they arrive.

    2.     NEWCOMER ORIENTATION: Providing information and materials on the program and services available on the installation and in the surrounding community.

    3.     PEER TO PEER:  Connecting youth currently attached to the installation with incoming youth.


    If you’re moving to the area, contact the Subase Youth Center to be connected with a Youth Sponsor!!