Preventing War

         Preventing War Curriculum 

    What if ____ had been alive today?

          What if ____ had been alive today? Curriculum

    Who/What had more of an influence
    Real Lives Real People


    This course focuses on students “determining the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provides an accurate summary of the source distinct from knowledge or opinions” and creates a report that constructs a “history” of the people who produced or included in the sources.

          Real Lives Real People Curriculum


    Civics: Federal Government


    Read and discuss different articles from “UpFront- New York Times”, New London Day, Times and Newsweek.  Connect the current event articles to American History events.  

         Civics: Federal Government Curriculum 



    Civics: American History


    What’s Up with American History- focusing on American history topics that are NOT covered in the regular grade 8 curriculum. Using technology resources, such as Brainpop and US History Shorts and Junior Scholastic Magazine, the topics will vary and offer enrichment beyond the offerings of 8th grade history.

         Civics: American History Curriculum      



    Current Events


    The course content will vary depending on what is happening of importance in the news. Students will analyze news, understand how current events are shaped by past events, evaluate point of view of the person presenting the news.

         Current Events Curriculum