Structures of Stability

    Science Sleuths:  This course will engage students in science based learning through the field of forensic science. Students will access a variety of scientific fields to investigate “crime scenes,” such as physics, earth science, and biology.

         Science Sleuths Curriculum 

    You are What You Eat:  In this course students will learn how food choices have a specific impact on related illnesses, food production, food waste. They will explore smart shopping practices, the use of pesticides on foods, and how fossil fuels are related to food waste.

         You are What You Eat Curriculum 

    Your Best “U”:   Based on the “ six pillars of character” from Sean Covey ‘s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, this course will engage students in doing a self-analysis about their own personalities and develop their insights in how to interact positively with others. They will write, read, and use technology.