• Mr. Milligan (a former Cutler math teacher) was once asked by a parent. “What can I do to help my child become successful in school?” The following was his reply:

    1) Check your child’s agenda planner daily. Make sure that you

    see something written for every subject.

    2) Set aside a special time for homework to be completed every

    evening. I know that this may be difficult on some days,

    but consistency is very important for this age group.

    3) Homework should be completed in quiet surroundings with

    no distractions.

    4) Check your child’s work. If it’s not organized and neat enough

    for you, then it probably will not be acceptable work for

    the teacher.

    5) Backpacks and lockers have a way of becoming storage

    areas for an incredible amount of “stuff.” Help your child

    to reorganize at the end of a week, month, or trimester.

    6) Give your child some tasks to complete at home on a

    regular basis that he or she is responsible for. This should

    not be something that you have to pay to be completed,

    but a task or chore that is to be done because he/she

    is a member of your family. Hold the child accountable

    and make him/her face appropriate consequences

    if the job is not done to your satisfaction.

    7) Let your child know that what goes on in school is important

    to you. Don’t settle for something less than his/her BEST


    8) Do whatever it takes to foster responsibility and accountability

    in your child.

    9) Math specific items:

    a) Help your child learn the basic addition/subtraction

    and multiplication/division facts.

    b) Help your child learn to multiply with two or more

    digit factors.

    c) Help your child with “long division.”